About us

Leslie Montemayor

Founder & Director

Meet Leslie, the compassionate Founder and Director of Casper and Furry Friends Animal Rescue. With a heart dedicated to making a difference, Leslie was moved by the number of strays and neglected pets in Houston a few years ago. Since then, she has committed herself to rescuing animals in need. Leslie’s interest in animal welfare motivates her to work toward a better future for dogs and cats.

Vanessa Yataco

Co-founder & Director

Vanessa became involved in rescue in early 2020, right before the Covid pandemic hit everyone. She first started walking dogs for a local Houston rescue, and later, she became a volunteer driver for several rescues. During this time, she realized how severe the pet overpopulation problem was in Houston and decided to take action. Vanessa always says that “dogs are the true love” and that, being her idealist, she advocates for the best friends humans can ever have.

Sol Yousefi

Co-founder & Director

Loving dogs since 2000…

Commitment Beyond Rescue